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Welcome to the Louisville, KY Branch of AAUW!

Face of Pay Equity

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AAUW promotes women and girls advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.  You are welcome to join the Louisville AAUW Branch for the new 2014-2015 year with dues a bargain at $62.00 per person.
Mail checks made out to AAUW to:
    Faye Dykstra                        502-245-8172 
204 Beckley Woods Dr           
Louisville, KY 40245

Louisville AAUW has Charlaine Reynolds as president of the Branch for the 2013-2014 fiscal yearMs. Reynolds is an outstanding Smart Start trainer and negotiator. She will be leading workshops for university women to develop salary negotiation skills.  AAUW Continues to hone the leadership skills of members.


SpaceTrek Kentucky

Space Trek Kentucky


Space Trek Kentucky is a week long intense exposure for high school women who are up-and-coming space science engineers. The Third event will be July 12-19, 2014 at Morehead State University.  More information is available at www.spacetrekky.org.


January Updates

The AAUW Louisville local organization is looking for a president,

secretary, new public policy chair, newsletter editor for 2014-2015.

Contact Faye Dykstra at 502-245-8172 if you are happy to serve.

The Louisville AAUW crowd always has a fun Christmas Party every

year.  Check out this flyer for more information!:
AAUW Christmas Party Flyer

President Charlaine Reynolds

Charlaine Reynolds is President of Louisville AAUW.  With her leadership
the Louisville AAUW Branch is Recruiting New Members of All Ages and
Backgrounds.  The Branch is Looking Forward to 100 Years in 2018.